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If you, or someone you know, has been arrested and charged with a crime it is imperative that you hire a lawyer who will not only fight for you, but who also is willing to take the time to educate you about what you can expect during the criminal defense process.


Robert C. Stone has been successfully representing clients who have been arrested on charges of DUI, drug possession, weapons-related crimes, robbery, attempted murder, murder, white collar crimes and other criminal charges.

Mr. Stone knows that what may initially appear to be a minor criminal infraction can

have a significant impact on your life today and well into your future. Being charged with a crime not only can result in jail time if you are found guilty, but those convicted also can lose basic rights such as the right to vote or to own a gun. Once convicted, you may find it difficult, or impossible, to obtain employment, find a place to live or even be permitted to drive.


You need an attorney who knows how the legal system works and who has a successful track record to prove it. Mr. Stone is committed to doing whatever is possible to ensure that your rights are not violated. He will fully investigate your case, meticulously prepare your defense and aggressively fight for your rights.

 If you are arrested, it’s important that you invoke your right to remain silent and immediately seek legal representation to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Even if you believe you are innocent, once you are arrested, or even become the target of a criminal investigation, never make a statement to a law enforcement officer until you have legal representation.


In any criminal case, time is of the essence. You want an attorney on your side who knows how the criminal defense process works and who has a good working relationship with prosecutors so that you can obtain the best possible outcome.


It’s important to understand that the outcome of your case will depend on the facts and that not every client will obtain a dismissal of charges or will be acquitted at trial. However, Mr. Stone is dedicated to ensuring that his criminal defense cases receive his highest priority and he will advocate for you at every stage of your case in an effort to obtain the best possible outcome.


Mr. Stone will tailor his strategy to deal with your unique legal needs. He will explain your legal options, and help you to make the right decisions about your legal defense. He has the experience to handle a wide range of cases and is passionate about defending his clients. Let Mr. Stone put that experience and passion to work for you.


Contact him today for a FREE 30-minute consultation. Mr. Stone can be reached at 561-395-0000.

Call us for a FREE consultation at 561-395-0000.

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